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Understanding the Paroli Betting System

Understanding the Paroli Betting System

The game of Roulette has seen many betting strategies that players have put to good use to establish their playing style and make the most of playing Roulette at an online casino. However, there are a few strategies that remain in the back of their head with the thought being should they continue to use it. The Paroli Betting System is one such strategy that everyone seems to be talking about. 

While it has worked for some, it has also not worked for others, thereby prompting mixed reactions. So we are here to set the cards straight and help you decide and understand more about the Paroli Betting System.

The Paroli Betting System 

Rather than going for a detailed explanation, let’s start with the basic idea of this system. The Paroli Betting System follows the strategy of increasing and decreasing the player’s stake based on the last result. So in a way, it is a simple and straightforward strategy that anyone can understand. Thanks to that, one can also implement it in games other than Roulette. 

While scratch cards are an obvious exclusion, games such as Craps are something on which the betting system will work. Since it is the exact opposite of the Martingale System, one can merely put it to good use by observing the stake and understanding everything that needs to be done.

For example, if you lose a round while playing Roulette, you will have to stick to the same bet and if you lose again, the bet still remains the same. But if you hit a winner, you will have to double your stake and if you end up winning three spins in a row, you can reset your stake to the original wager.

Whether you are playing live bets or any other format of betting, the Paroli Betting System remains unchanged and keeps you informed on what you need to be doing with the stake.

Paroli Betting System with an Example 

To truly understand the Paroli Betting System, you require a simple example. So imagine that you are playing Roulette at a live casino or any other casino for that matter and that the base stake for you is set at £1. Now if you happen to come across a losing spin, the stake will remain the same and continue being £1.

But if the player ends up winning, the bet moves to £2 and if Red and Black bets are a part of the process with the usual rule of securing three wins becoming true, the player’s profit will rise to £7. Now the stakes go back to the original and you will continue placing bets at £1. 

Based on the pattern of winning and losing, you will see that the profit is decided and if there are no wins, then you won’t have any profit to start with. While we all know that Roulette is not one of those instant-win games, it is important to understand that the Paroli Betting System brings its own pros and cons. 

These are not only some of the fine facts of the Paroli Betting System but also a known fact for all kinds of betting systems. They are bound to bring in their own set of advantages and disadvantages which makes the game a critical one.

Pros and Cons of the Paroli Betting System 

Pros and Cons of the Paroli Betting System

As we mentioned before, there’s no doubt about the fact that betting systems have pros and cons. Thus, the Paroli Betting System is no exception and by understanding these points, you will understand the areas where cons come into the picture and areas where pros rule. 

For example, one of the drawbacks that the system fails to capture is losing streaks. There is no decisive method to avoid the same with the same old process of sticking with the same amount being implemented. So when you have casino chips in hand and follow the old method, things aren’t really going to pan out.

On the other hand, the Paroli Betting System is quite effective in helping you handle losses of all kinds. Since other systems make you increase the stake, the Paroli Betting Systems sticks to its principles and ensures that your losses are stable. 

So you might not be losing a lot of money, which is a considerable benefit when compared to the kind of risks that come with this game. However, when it comes to profit, the amount that you end up making, even with three consecutive spins, may not be worth it. 

Due to that reason alone, specific players avoid using this system or even avoid playing Roulette altogether. They opt for slot games because the demand for popular slot games is buzzing and does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. But for the ones still sticking to Roulette, they go out in search of another betting system that works for them. 

Hence, before implementing the Paroli Betting System, regardless of whether you are playing at an offline or mobile casino, you need to understand what the system aims to provide and how it plans on providing the same. Once you have the complete picture, you can go about exploring all the possible options and putting things to good use.


Looking to use the Paroli Betting System is a good way to play Roulette, provided you are aware of everything that the system stands for. From its objectives to pros and cons, there’s a lot to figure out and once you are aware of the same, you can look towards capitalizing on all that it provides. 

So make good use of this system and continue playing Roulette. In case, you feel that the system is not working out for you, feel free to explore other options. Regardless of whatever you choose, you need to keep responsible gambling above all and play the game by the rules.