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Roulette Chips: Types, Values and Facts Explained

Roulette Chips: Types, Values and Facts Explained

The game of Roulette requires the use of several different elements, including a table, a spinning wheel, a small white ball and chips. While the chips used in the game of Roulette tend to vary in terms of colour and design at different casino venues, their basic function is essentially the same. In this article, we take a look at everything you need to know about Roulette chips. Read on!

Roulette chips basics

When playing online Roulette games, players don’t need to worry much about their Roulette chips as everything happens virtually here. But when playing Roulette at a land-based table, players do have to take the usage of Roulette chips into consideration.

Unlike other casino games, regular casino chips aren’t used in the game of Roulette. Instead, the dealer hands out special Roulette chips to every player at the Roulette table. To make it easier for the croupier to keep a track of, each player receives chips of different colours. Also, the difference in colour helps casinos in avoiding disputes regarding which chips belong to whom.

As for the weight and value of the chips, there’s no pre-defined international standard for the same. But at most casinos, the diameter of the chips is around 39mm. In US-based gambling venues, the weight of the chips is between 6 and 11 grams. On the other hand, you’ll find Roulette chips weighing more than 16 grams in Europe and other parts of the world.

Speaking of the chip materials, you’ll find Roulette chips made of several different things. At low-stake Roulette tables, you’ll usually find chips made of plastic. High stake or professional Roulette games, on the other hand, will feature ceramic or clay chips. When playing live versions of Roulette games like 20p Roulette, either of the two may be used.

Roulette chips denominations

When playing Roulette at the top gambling venues, you’ll find the usage of 6 to 10 different chip types. Depending on your chosen casino and the table limits, the value of each Roulette chip will be different. When playing a casual Roulette game, you can find chips worth 50 or even 25 pence. But mostly, the minimum chip is valued at £1. As you’d guess, the chip value at high-stake Roulette tables can go up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

In some gambling venues, the croupier may ask the player what they want their chip value to be. After choosing the chip denomination, the dealer will take a chip, put it on the rail beside the wheel and place a marker on it to show the value of that chip for that particular session.

Must know facts about Roulette chips

As mentioned earlier, playing at the best online casinos doesn’t require the use of Roulette chips. But Roulette chips are a major element of land-based Roulette games. Below are some interesting facts you need to know about Roulette chips:

Difficult to forge

Even the currency that we use in day-to-day transactions can be duplicated. And casinos are well aware of this. As such, they employ numerous security measures to ensure that it’s difficult or almost impossible to use fake chips at the table.

If a rogue player tries to use duplicate chips at the Roulette table, it’s very likely that the casino personnel will notice it immediately. Wondering how will the casino staff know the difference? Well, every Roulette chip has a specific texture and feel to it. If this may seem copyable, then consider the fact that casinos often use microchips or have serial numbers for their Roulette chips.

Roulette tournaments have different chips

When playing regular Roulette games, Roulette chips are equivalent to the buy-in amount. But that’s not usually the case with Roulette tournament chips. In most Roulette tournaments, the chip values don’t indicate the potential prize reward. Instead, the Independent Chip Model (ICM) formula is used to calculate the final prize amount.

Roulette chips may be exclusive to a single table

Some casinos may allow you to use the same Roulette chips at different tables within the venue. And other venues might have chips that are exclusive to a single table. So, you must check that beforehand to avoid any disappointments.

So, this covers all that you need to know about Roulette chips. If you are a beginner player and want to learn about Roulette betting systems, be sure to check our Roulette strategy guide that details the most commonly used playing methods and strategies for Roulette.