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The Top Slot Themed Scratch Cards

The Top Slot Themed Scratch Cards

The popularity of mobile casinos is constantly on the rise. It is not going to slow down any time soon. Roulette, blackjack, and poker are among the most popular games at online casinos. However, apart from these games, people also enjoy engaging in online slots. If you are a regular casino player, you must have heard about scratch cards. What exactly are they? Read on to find out all the details.

What are Scratch Cards? 

Scratch cards are the games popular for widespread availability, low cost, and instant results. In traditional scratch cards, players had to scratch off the metal foil pieces from the paper foil in order to uncover the symbol or number underlying beneath. Players could form the winning combinations only when three of the symbols match with each other. 

However, online scratch cards are a little different from the traditional ones. In this game, the paper scratch cards and the metal foil is replaced with a 3x3 rectangular grid. All you need to do is click on the panel in order to reveal the hidden symbols. If the hidden symbol matches the symbol that you bet on, you can claim the winnings instantly.

There are a number of themes available in online scratch card games. However, the rules will differ from game to game. Irrespective of the game you select, scratch card games are easy and quick to play. Moreover, they come with several unique features to provide exceptional gaming experience to the players. 

Popular Slot Themed Scratch Cards

Are you a fan of mobile slots? Looking for slot-themed scratch cards? If yes, you can try out these scratch card games.

  • Merlins Millions Scratch

Merlins Millions Scratch is an exciting slot game that can provide players with magical experiences. All you need to do is match the symbols in order to increase your chances to earn big payouts. One of the main reasons why this scratch card game is a popular choice among players is that it has an extremely high RTP. The RTP of this game is 95.17%. 

The best thing about this scratch card game is that it is easy to understand and fun to play. Merlins Millions Scratch can provide you with a chance to win up to 1000 times your bet. Revealing three matching symbols can offer you a chance to win instant cash prizes. Moreover, you can also enjoy additional bonuses and enhance your overall gaming experiences.

  • Slot 777

Another popular slot-themed scratch card is Slot 777. This game does not have heavy layouts or crazy themes with exceptional sounds and graphics. However, Slot 777 is sure to provide you with an enjoyable experience. It offers a simple and user-friendly interface. It creates fun in a retro and nostalgic way.

Slot 777 provides a wide variety of bets for the players to place. So, based on your preferences, you can select the most appropriate bets. In order to form winning combinations, you need to make three matching symbols.

  • Gorilla Go Wild

Created by NextGen, there are a variety of Gorilla Go Wild games. You can get a chance to try your hands at this scratch card game at various online casinos. 

If you are a slot enthusiast, you must be familiar with Gary the Gorilla. Well, Gary the Gorilla is also entertaining in this scratch card game as in the slot game. However, a point to note here is that the gameplay is a little different from the regular scratch card style. When you add a pyramid scatter symbol, it can provide you with 10 free spins. 

Gorilla Go Wild is also full of thrill and suspense. So, engaging in this scratch card game can offer you a rewarding experience.

  • Scratch ‘n’ Spin

Scratch ‘n’ Spin is a combination of scratch cards and slot games. It will allow you to engage in a three-reel slot game that comes in a traditional style. So, it may not match the latest 3D options available at online casinos. However, you will not regret trying out this scratch card game. 

In this game, you do not get standard prizes for making winning combinations. Instead, you will get scratch cards. The amount will depend on the number of lines you are successful in making. It also provides you with a chance to indulge in a bonus game where you get to select from among the 6 different scratch cards


By now, you must have a complete idea about the top slot-themed scratch card games. No doubt, video slots are interesting and exciting. If you enjoy online slot games, you must try your hands at slot-themes scratch card games. Make sure to choose a reliable and reputed platform to play these games and experience top-notch fun.