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All You Need to Know About EZ Baccarat

All You Need to Know About EZ Baccarat

Back in the day, Baccarat was known to be a game reserved for players with huge bankrolls. But today, the game of Baccarat is enjoyed by millions of casino players worldwide, all thanks to the introduction of online and mobile casino platforms.

The rise of online gambling platforms has also seen the introduction of several new and innovative Baccarat variations. And EZ Baccarat is one of them. Keep reading to learn the basics of EZ Baccarat and how to play the game online.

What is EZ Baccarat?

EZ Baccarat is a unique and interesting version of traditional Baccarat that comes with a relatively high RTP rate and increased wagering options. This offers players more flexibility when it comes to choosing wager types and also provides increased chances of winning in the long run.

EZ Baccarat originally came from the casino gaming company Talisman Group. But the firm decided to make its patent public, leading to a number of game providers adding it to their portfolio of available games. Today, you can easily enjoy playing EZ Baccarat at the UK online casino and all other leading gambling platforms out there.

Objective and basics of EZ Baccarat

Just like Roulette online, the main objective of EZ Baccarat is fairly simple. As a player, you need to place bets on which hand will have a total value that’s closest to 9. In EZ Baccarat, only two hands are dealt – the Bank hand and the Player hand. So, you can place bets on:

  • The Banker Hand
  • The Player Hand
  • The Tie (this means the total of both hands will be the same).

Note that in most EZ Baccarat games, the total number of cards players can have in each hand is three. A great thing about this Baccarat variation is that it doesn’t require players to pay a 5% commission on winning Bank hands. And that too without changing the rules for drawing the third card. So, it’s no wonder why Baccarat has become such a popular game.

Card values in EZ Baccarat

The EZ Baccarat casino game is played using a standard 52-card deck. Depending on the gambling venue you choose to play at, a minimum of three decks and a maximum of eight decks can be used in the EZ Baccarat game.

As with Blackjack games, cards from 2 to 9 of all suits carry the value that’s printed on them in EZ Baccarat. The Tens and the picture cards – King, Queen and Jack have no value. Speaking of the Aces, they have the value of 1 in this game.

Here, the highest value that players can have for each hand is 9. If the total happens to exceed 9, you can go with either of the two options to adjust it:

Add the final values of both hands and exclude the first digit from the addition. For example, the addition of two eight-valued hands is 16. But dropping the first digit will make the final value 6.

Subtract 10 from the final value of the addition. That way, the addition of two hands worth 8 and 7 is 15, but subtracting 10 will make it just 5.

Payouts in EZ Baccarat

Here are the payouts offered for different betting options in EZ Baccarat:

  • The payout for all the winning bets on the Player hand in EZ Baccarat is even. So, if you bet £1, you’ll receive an additional pound in winnings.
  • All winning wagers on the Banker hand are also paid 1:1 in EZ Baccarat.
  • Speaking about the payout for winning Tie bets, it’s usually 8:1 at most casinos.

A look at the EZ Baccarat side bets

Just like Baccarat Squeeze, players have the option to place side wagers in EZ Baccarat. Below are the available side betting options in this variation.

Dragon 7

Offered as an insurance wager, this side bet comes into play when the total value of the three-card Bank hand is 7 and it beats the Player hand. At any good Baccarat table, the payout for this side bet is 40:1.

Panda 8

This side bet is won if the total value of the three-card Player hand is 8. The payout here is 25:1, with the house edge being more than 10%.


With reduced house edge and low minimum betting requirements, EZ Baccarat is widely known as one of the best Baccarat variations in Baccarat history. The game eliminates the need of having to pay the 5% commission, which is one of the best reasons to give it a try. When playing the game online, just make sure that you place informed bets and manage your bankroll effectively.