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21 facts you should know about Blackjack house edge!

21 facts you should know about Blackjack house edge!

People who have played Blackjack before have come across this term called house edge. But what exactly it means and what does it signify in gambling? Is it something important? Or is it a special move for winning the game? This article sums up 21 astounding and interesting facts about Blackjack house edge

Fact 1- The house edge is the statistical measurement of the casino’s big advantage over the player

In the world of gambling, house edge implies that if the game consists of 5% house edge, then the player will lose 5% of the wager she has placed on the game. For example, if the player has placed a bet of $100, she will lose 5% of the money. This can be elucidated with a better example. If the player makes 60 bets per hour and loses $5 per hour, she is losing $300 per hour. But if a house edge of 1% is involved, then she is only losing $60 per hour

Fact 2- The house edge applies to large bets

The house edge does not apply to small bets. If the person has a house edge of 1% and carries an amount of $100, she is open to the following options- a) the person can lose $100, b) she can win $100, c) can obtain $150, d) game results in a draw e) utilise the double down and split option to make $200. 

Fact 3- The house edge is regarded as the lowest when compared to the house edge of other casinos

The house edge for Blackjack is low as compared to the house edge of other casinos. This makes players wonder if it is worth availing of the house edge of the Blackjack as there are lesser chances of making the profit. A game like Casino War has a house edge of 2.38% But here’s where the catch lies. If the house edge is 0.5%, the player will lose 50 cents per hour when she bets at $100 but if the house edge is 2.38%, then she loses $2.38 per hour on $100. 

Fact 4- Utilising the basic strategy

If the player utilises the basic strategy, the house edge of Blackjack stands at 0.5%. But most of them are not good at adapting and applying basic techniques to the game as a result of which the house edge jumps to 2%. To prevent this mess, the player has to be familiar with what cards she is holding with respect to the dealer’s cards. A good combination of basic strategy and common sense can help the player make big amounts of money. 

Fact 5- Not utilising the basic strategy will increase the house edge

The reason to use the basic strategy is to maintain the house edge as the lowest common denominator possible. If a wrong strategy is adopted in the beginning, then the house edge will rise to 2% or even more than that. It can rise to 100%. 

Fact 6- Helps in the calculation of early predicted hourly loss

There is a standardised formula for calculating the hourly loss. The player has to take the net amount she has won or lost during the game and divide it by the number of hours she has played. For e.g., if the player has lost $200 and played for 2 hours, then she has lost a total of $100 per hour. 

But the predicted hourly less is calculated by a different formula. It is average bet size*bets per hour *house edge= hourly predicted loss. So, if the person is making a bet of $100 per hour with 60 hands per hour and the house edge is 0.5%, then with the given formula, the person will lose a total of $30/hour.

Fact 7- Counting cards is important

Counting cards help in keeping a track of how many high cards and low cards are kept in the deck. If there are high cards in the deck, then the player had to raise her bet.

21 facts you should know about Blackjack house edge!

Fact 8- Game conditions can determine the house edge

Game conditions and rules influence the house edge of Blackjack. The player can deal a card from a single deck. Another player is playing the game with a deck of 8 cards. The house edge will vary depending upon the game type.

Fact 9- As the deck of cards increases, the house edge also increases

This depends on whether the player has received a Blackjack. With a higher deck, the chances of getting a Blackjack are lower. Fewer Blackjack results in higher house edge. 

Fact 10- Hitting a soft 17 can influence the house edge

When a player gets a soft 17, she has scored an ace which is distributed in terms of 11 and 1. She will then have a house edge of 0.2%

Fact 11- House edge improves if the doubles after splitting

This option helps the player to make more money. It also encourages her to place more money into action when the odds look promising.

Fact 12- Doubling down will lead to the lower house edge

If the player doubles down on any two cards, then she loses 0.2% of the house edge as compared to doubling down on 10 or 11.

Fact 13- Splitting leads to the lower house edge

This option is another effective way of making money and to obtain a house edge as low as say 0.05%.

Fact 14- Surrender rules influence the house edge

Opting for early surrender can save up on the costs the player may incur during the game. This results in a lower house edge.

Fact 15- Payouts influence house edge

The payout of a usual Blackjack game is 3 to 2. It means the player makes a bet of $100 and obtains $150. But in most casinos today, the payout has been marked at 6 to 5. If the player bets at $100, the payout becomes $120 and the house edge becomes 2%

Fact 16- Charging an ante increases the house edge

If the player plays the Blackjack with an ante, she has to make many bets to maintain the minimum value of the house edge

Fact 17- The house edge is higher on video Blackjack

The house edge on video Blackjack is more than 2.38% of the house edge which is higher than the house edge of the traditional casino.

Fact 18- Short time wins are possible

If in the short run, the player can maintain a Blackjack with a lower payout, the house edge decreases.

Fact 19- Losing a game is possible

The player needs to have an effective bankroll management system. She needs a high bankroll for a low house edge

Fact 20- The house edge is good for online Blackjack games

As compared to traditional Blackjack games, the house edge for online Blackjack games is marked at 0.1% to 0.2%.

Fact 21- Video Poker has a lower house edge

Video Poker is far better than Blackjack games because the house edge is marked at 0.05% to 0.46% and the payback percentage is high.