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The Most Common Casino Myths Debunked

The Most Common Casino Myths Debunked

From the wooden casino dice of the 1800s to online gambling venues of the 21st century, the casino gaming world has come a long way. But still, there exist a number of myths and misconceptions that prevail among casino players.

Casino myths and misconceptions are nothing but a result of overactive imaginations. In this article, we take a look at many such gambling superstitions that have nothing to do with reality.

Casino games are biased

This is one of the oldest and most common misconceptions that exist among casino players. The reason why people think that gambling games are biased is that they don’t know how casino games actually work.

Both offline and online UK casinos are businesses. And just like any other business, they need to generate revenue to cover their overhead costs and remain afloat. The way casino venues do this is by including a house edge in each of their offering.

House edge ensures a guaranteed percentage return to the gambling venue. However, this doesn’t mean that the games are biased in any way. The house edge has little to no effect if you’re playing a gameplay round or two. Also, in the long run, you’re just one of the thousands of players from whom the casino makes money.

Card counting is illegal

If you’ve played online Blackjack or any other card-based casino title before, you might have heard that counting cards are illegal. But let us tell you that this isn’t exactly true.

From a legal perspective, counting cards at land-based gambling venues won’t directly put you in jail. Sure, it’s something that many gambling venues don’t like. If you are found counting cards, the casino staff will warn you and ask you to leave the venue. In extreme cases, you may not be allowed to play at the venue again. That’s it.

As far as online and mobile casinos are concerned, counting cards at these venues is neither legal nor illegal. This is because the card decks in online casino games are shuffled randomly by computer software. So, counting cards won’t give you any advantage in these games.

Casino games freeze if you’re winning too much

Some players think that casino games freeze if you’ve been winning for a while. But again, this is nothing more than just a casino myth. Unless there are some hardware or software-related issues (the chances of that happening are rare), there’s no reason to believe the notion that the machine will just freeze in the middle of the gameplay.

As explained earlier, the casino edge works in the long term. So, it doesn’t make sense for gambling venues to stop any player from playing, as this would completely alter their business model. If your game freezes, it’s most likely due to connectivity issues or you using an incompatible device.

Skilled dealers can influence the outcome

Dealers are an important element of land-based and live casino games. They have a number of tasks to do, including dealing the cards, rolling the dice and spinning the Roulette wheel. In short, they are the one who oversees the gaming action at the casino table.

Owing to the nature of their work, some players believe that skilled dealers can influence the result of a casino game. But there are far too many factors at play for the croupier to have any impact. Also, if the dealer is found cheating, the implications will be huge in comparison to the small amount that can be won by scamming players.

Using the spin button creates fewer wins than pulling the lever

When playing Slots or Bingo online, players have a dedicated button to initiate the gaming action. But when playing land-based slot games, players can have two options at their disposal. They can either press the ‘Spin’ button or pull a lever to start the spinning of the reels.

And a casino myth exists that pulling the lever gives you better wins than pressing the spin button. Let us tell you that slot machines don’t have any memory to store results and they don’t know whether you’ve pulled the handle or pressed the button. Winning in slot games is all based on luck.

Some other casino myths listed

Below we’ve listed some other misconceptions that exist about casinos and casino gaming in general.

  • A skilled trickster can evade casino security and use counterfeit casino chips at casino tables.
  • If I am experiencing a losing streak, my luck will change if I continue playing.
  • Keeping a track of a game’s past results can help you win.
  • You must avoid playing on slot machines that have just offered a payout.
  • Using a betting system can help you in overcoming the casino advantage.