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 Ever Wondered The History Behind Bingo Numbers?

Ever Wondered The History Behind Bingo Numbers?

Whether it is online Bingo or Bingo played in a club, each player has a number row card. Usually, this is called a ticket. Players cross the numbers on their tickets as they are named. The goal of the game is to be the first player to cross all your numbers.

The type of game you're playing is determined by how many numbers you have on your ticket. The numbers that can be drawn by the caller are the numbers on your Bingo ticket. However, now that many Bingo games are online, the numbers are being drawn digitally.

Bingo Rules

If you're playing Bingo in a hall or an online casino, you'll need to purchase your tickets first. These tickets are available before the start of the game. You're good to play once you've got your ticket!

The game starts when the first number is called and you can mark it off if it's on your ticket. The device will mark the numbers for you in online Bingo. In a club or hall, players use a Bingo dauber, which is a pen to mark the numbers.

How to choose an online Bingo site to play?

Firstly, pick an online Bingo website that you like, take a look around, check out the welcome bonus, and then sign up. Register your information and payment data, and then you can play some Bingo games. Some of the main things to remember are:

  1. Read the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus and any other benefits before you accept them.
  2. First, explore the website and access the support pages and live chat features for any questions you might have.
  3. If there's a free Bingo game, hop right in. This is going to be the best way to try out the site, the chat rooms, etc.

Benefits of playing online Bingo

  • Convenience to play

They're always online so you know what you'd like to play. Besides, when you can play, you get to decide when you want to play. A major part of these pages are web-friendly, and some have also built dedicated mobile applications that give a better experience.

  • Plenty of bonuses available

Many online Bingo platforms provide free sign-up incentives that may come in the form of free Bingo tickets. Other incentives, such as reloads, cashback or refer-a-friend bonuses, are also available to Bingo players based on the website you have selected(subject to terms and conditions).

  • Making new friends

Online platforms are vital to every brand, which is why all Bingo websites have live chats. Players can chat with each other and make new friends while playing Bingo.

Bingo Calls

Almost every Bingo number has a nickname that is typically called by the Bingo speaker. The players often yell back to them too. Sometimes a call is a rhyming word, but often it can be a reference to a generation, a song or a film.

How many Bingo numbers are there?

The Bingo game with 90 balls is the most popular, but there are some scoring cards with more squares. Some callers use fewer balls to make the game more competitive and fun.

Why do Bingo numbers matter to players?

Bingo numbers are an important part of the Bingo games. Without these magic numbers, there would be no game. If you have a few Bingo numbers that matter more to you than most, you may be curious to know about the background of their calls. Bingo calls started in the early 20th century, and by the 1950s, these number nicknames were associated with the game, helping to make it more competitive with a funny combination of innuendo and puns. The trick to most Bingo calls is to rhyme with a number. The rhyme makes numbers more exciting for players. Some of the Bingo calls are often based on the appearance of the numbers, with the comparisons providing a strong resemblance.

The roots of the numbers

It seems like a majority of the numbers have come from a variety of sources – a lot seems to have come from Cockney's rhyming slang '33 – filthy knees! 'or identical rhyming patterns. There are also certain numbers with roots from the most uncommon areas of the world. There's even a number coming from the shapes of the numbers and what they look like. Other than that, there are a lot of combinations. So while the 2 is a duck and the 7 is a crutch, the 27 is a duck on a crutch. And just to further complicate matters, there are also several geographical differences on numbers.

History of the most famous Bingo call numbers

•7 (Lucky Seven) In various nations, the number 7 is considered to be a lucky number. Lucky number 7 comes from the game of Craps, where you need to roll a seven to claim a pass line bet.

•9 (Doctor’s Orders) There is more than a hint of tradition behind this nickname. Number 9 was the name of a laxative tablet given to troops during the Second World War.

•10 (Boris Den) For decades, the Bingo call for number 10 featured the name of the Prime Minister at the time, i.e. living at number 10 Downing Street.

•11 (Legs Eleven) The first Bingo call where the nickname is based on the form of the number. If you shut your eyes and visualize the number 11, it's easy to picture them looking like a pair of legs.

•18 (Coming of Age) This call is another node to the rituals of daily life, with 18 known to be the age when a teenager 'comes of age' and becomes a full-fledged adult. We should also nod to the number 16, which is called 'never kissed,' based on the lyrics 'Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Kissed' by the Blue Mountaineers.

•20 (One Score) One score is the old phrase used to describe 20. It is a saying that was linked to in Abraham Lincoln's 'Gettysburg Address.' Some callers prefer to use this phrase to call multiples of 20 e.g. 'two-score' for 40 and 'three-score' for 60.'

•22 (Two Little Ducks) Like the legs eleven, this term is another definition that applies to the look of the numbers. 22 looks like two small ducks floating around a pond. 22 has also been named 'Desmond' in the past as a tribute to South African civil justice leader Desmond Tutu.

•23 (The Lord is my shepherd) This is a theological and historical reference to 23. These are the first verses of Psalm 23 of the Old Testament.

•30 (Burlington Bertie) The expression 'Burlington Bertie' is drawn from the early 20th-century spoof of the line 'I'm Burlington Bertie, I'm 10-thirty.' There was also a music hall song composed under the same name during the turn of the 1900s.

•55 (All the fives) This is one of the longest-standing words used by Bingo callers over the years. It's not only used for number 55, though. You can also hear them say 'all the threes, 33' and 'all the fours, 44' too. However, this is one of the simplest calls for beginners to grasp.

•76 (Was she worth it?) There is a good dose of tradition behind the call number 76. Bingo callers yell, 'Is it worth it? 'to the audience, relating to the pre-decimal price of a marriage licence in the United Kingdom (formerly 7/6d). As far as player engagement is concerned, they always yell 'every penny' back to the callers!

•77 (Sunset Strip) Sunset Strip is another tribute to popular culture, the hit '77 Sunset Strip' TV series of the 1960s. •88 (Two Fat Ladies) This is undoubtedly the most popular Bingo number call, number 88. 'Two fat ladies' is used to relate and describe this figure.


The most important thing to remember as with any game is to have fun. Online Bingo is a fantastic social game that is cheap to play and has amazing prizes and payouts. You can get as much or as little engaged with the chat rooms and social media accounts as you want. There are hundreds of sites to choose from, so have a good hunt around, trial a few out, find which one’s you prefer. Then with these quirky number calls, you can have a lot of fun! Good luck there!