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3D Roulette: Features, variations and rules

3D Roulette: Features, variations and rules

Roulette is often quoted as the “king of casino games.” It is due to a lot of reasons. Roulette is one of the oldest games that can be traced back to centuries of years. It is rated as one of the most popular online casino games. Roulette is a game that is easy to learn. Anybody can grasp the rules of Roulette as they are not as complicated as other online games. It is also suitable for freshers and inexperienced players. The game offers various opportunities for players to maximise their winnings. This is not possible in other online casino games as there is one formulaic strategy for winning. 

Since the popularity of online Roulette has skyrocketed among young players, many gaming operators have developed new variations of Roulette. One of the most popular variants is 3d Roulette. A player needs to get familiar with the principles of 3D Roulette, software, features and advantages of 3d Roulette.

What is 3D Roulette?

3D Roulette means a representation of the Roulette game in 3 dimensions. The player has a 3D view of the Roulette table, the ball and the spinning of the Roulette wheel while playing. The 3D effect transports the player to an actual casino where it seems he is playing at an actual Roulette table. This makes the overall gaming experience more fun and thrilling.

Software and Special Features

The reason people can enjoy 3D Roulette is due to Playtech gaming software. This game is designed by Playtech gaming, which is known for offering superior and high-quality graphics in the online gaming industry. There is not much difference between 3D Roulette and French, European and American Roulette. There are a total of 37 pockets inclusive of 0. The player can claim better odds for a win.ó

3D Roulette: Features, variations and rules

The player has various options for winning a Roulette match. He can place a wager on odd/even numbers, inside/outside bets. He can also place special bets. The special bets can consist of neighbours which refers to a group of five numbers placed close to each other, splits which further consists of 4 red splits or 7 black splits, group and individual bets, etc. The special bets also consist of cylinder thirds and the Vosins du 0.

The 3D feature helps the player to customise the game according to his needs and preferences. The player can opt for the option of fast play to reduce time and internet data as he can easily skip the skipping sequence. The player can also customise the graphics according to his suitability.

For those who have stepped into the world of online Roulette gambling for the first time, it is advisable to practice and play a few games at free sites. The player can hone his skills before deciding to spend cash at a real game. The rules of 3D Roulette are pretty much similar to a usual Roulette game. The player needs to guess at which number the ball will land in a wheel of 37 pockets. The player has to research for a good online Roulette website. There are online casinos which offer 3D Roulette games. 

The player then has to decide on the value of the chip and place a bet of his own choice. The player can place inside/outside bets, individual and group bets or can place bets on colours or a group of numbers. 

To make the most out of real cash gambling, the player needs to know that higher the odds, the lower will be the payout. If he bets on one single number, then his chances of winning decreases but his payout increases.


The biggest benefit of online 3D Roulette is that the players place more bets as compared to its other Roulette counterparts. This helps the player to maximize his gameplay and save time. He also gets to be a part of a simulated reality where he feels like he is actually playing at a Roulette table at a casino. Since there is no 00 pocket in 3D Roulette, the house edge increases. The player can not only play this game on desktop but can also play it on mobile phones. He does not miss any game whilst he is travelling or spending time outdoors. 

Where to play?

Nowadays, online casinos provide 3D Roulette games. The player needs to select the best site to play 3D Roulette. For starters, the player can avail of the demo version of 3D Roulette games. The player gets to brush up his skills before playing for real cash. The internet provides strategies for playing Roulette. Even though people say it is a game of chance, there are certain tricks and techniques every Roulette player should be aware of as it gives them a competitive advantage over other players. They can apply such techniques to win the game. 

The player should also check the authenticity level of casino sites. The real and genuine ones are regulated by famous and internationally recognized gambling operators like the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association or independent operators such as eCOGRA. Sites that are licensed from these organisations ensure safety and security of user information and payment details so that the players do not have to worry about their private data getting leaked to third party organisations.

3D Roulette is becoming popular amongst all gambling enthusiasts. Even though 3D Roulette does not offer many bonuses, people want to have a real-life experience of the online casino environment. The mixture of animations and superior graphics create a very powerful and gaming experience. The rules of this game are extremely easy and any type of player can enjoy this game. Additionally, in 3D Roulette, the chances of winning for a player are higher than its Roulette counterparts.