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Top Tips for Effective Poker Bankroll Management

Top Tips for Effective Poker Bankroll Management

As experienced Poker players would tell, bankroll management is one of the most crucial aspects of playing Poker optimally. Not only will it save you from incurring huge losses in one go, but it can also help you in making more informed bets at Poker tables.

In this article, we offer a comprehensive overview of how to manage your Poker bankroll effectively.

 Interestingly, many of the Poker bankroll management tips mentioned here can be used in other online casino games as well. Continue reading!

Why is Poker money management so crucial?

Poker is one of the few casino classics that are both luck and skill-based games. In Poker games, the term variance talks about how much a player wins or loses based on the element of chance. And as you’d guess, variance affects every Poker gameplay round.

Sure, there’s no way to eliminate the Poker variance completely. But you can reduce its impact by managing your Poker bankroll effectively. If your bankroll isn’t good enough to handle the Poker swings, you’re at a significant disadvantage. In contrast, you may not be able to make the most of your cash if your bankroll is too big for the assigned wagers.

By having the right bankroll amount and with proper Poker money management, you’ll be able to make more informed bets during your Poker gameplay round.

A look at the types of Poker bankrolls

When playing Roulette games or Blackjack online, many players have a dedicated bankroll in place. And the game of Poker is no exception to that.

Your Poker bankroll amount and your stake size depend on what type of Poker player you are. Most serious players who play Poker on an occasional basis keep a dedicated bankroll. Such players might take out a small percentage of their total winnings. What they abstain from is using their Poker funds for other activities such as paying bills or dining. In contrast, professional Poker players rely on Poker bankroll to cover their living expenses.

The type of Poker bankroll you’ll need depends on your motive behind playing Poker. As a casual Poker player, you’d want to keep your Poker bankroll in accordance with your disposable income. If you plan on playing high-stake Poker games, you must have access to a significant bankroll amount.

How to determine your Poker bankroll size?

As with many other Poker ratios, the size of your Poker bankroll depends on your wagering style and betting preferences. Many experienced Poker players suggest that the buy-in must not be more than 2-5% of your bankroll. Also, it’s considered a good idea to stop playing if your losses go over 10% of your bankroll. Here are the things you’ll need to factor in when deciding on your Poker bankroll size:

Types of games

First, your Poker bankroll size depends on the types of Poker games you choose to play. Just like online Bingo tournaments, the variance in Poker competitions is usually higher than in online Poker games. Of course, the top prize in Poker tournaments can be much higher than in cash games. But even the top players can go on playing for a long time without winning.

Your skill

Another thing to consider when determining the bankroll size is your skill level. If you’re someone who wins around half of your Poker rounds on average, you’ll certainly be needing a bigger bankroll than a player who wins 70-80% of the time.

Betting limits

Next, the betting limits will also have significance for your Poker stake size. For instance, Limit hold’em players can go with the smaller end of buy-ins as compared to no-limit Poker players.

Some other Poker money management tips for you

Here are some other tips to help you manage your Poker money effectively:

  • Only wager amounts you can afford losing.
  • When playing at live Poker tables, you can use mobile apps and tools for managing your Poker bankroll.
  • Avoid playing recklessly after winning or experiencing long losing streaks.
  • Taking small breaks between your Poker rounds is always a good idea. That way, you’ll get some time to check your bankroll and adjust your playing strategy for the upcoming rounds.  
  • Always place your wagers by keeping in mind the fact that Poker is also a luck-based game.


While it may not be possible to control the luck element of Poker, players can ensure that their Poker gaming experience stays fun and entertaining by managing their Poker bankroll properly. Also, with effective bankroll management, players can safeguard themselves against incurring huge losses.

Now that you know the top Poker bankroll management tips, it’s time to enjoy some Poker action at our mobile casino online. We’ve got dozens of exciting Poker games to choose from. Happy gaming there!