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Etiquette Rules for Casino Blackjack Players

Etiquette Rules for Casino Blackjack Players

The craze for the game of Blackjack is quite high among enthusiastic players. It has got everything you would want in a casino game. Blackjack is easy to learn and has a low house edge. While most players are well aware of the basic strategies like hit and stand, not many have a comprehensive understanding of Blackjack etiquette. Here are the popular etiquette rules that every Blackjack player must know. Let's begin!

  • Avoid Handing Money to the Dealers

Handing your money to the dealers directly may sound to be intuitive. However, it is against the etiquette rules of Blackjack online. As per the rules, it is important for security cameras to monitor and record all cash transactions. That is why you must lay down your cash on the table. The dealer of the game will spread out the money and then count it in front of the cameras. After that, you will receive equivalent chips. All you need to do is specify the denomination of chips that you are willing to buy. 

  • Avoid Holding Cards with Two Hands

Another important Blackjack etiquette is to avoid holding cards with two hands. Irrespective of the Blackjack variations you are playing, try to hold the cards with one hand only. When you use both hands, it becomes quite easy to switch the cards. That is why this rule has been created. The main motive behind this rule is to prevent the switching of cards. 

  • Don’t Touch the Chips Once the Cards are Dealt

Once all the bets are placed, the dealer will call “no more bets”, and the cards will be dealt to the players. After this, you cannot touch the chips. When the game begins, players cannot touch the chip. It prevents the players from changing their bets in any manner. Only after you tie the hand or win the game, you can change the bet placed or collect your chips. On the other hand, in case the dealer wins, he will be taking your chips.

  • Don’t Remove the Cards from the Table

The dealers of the game and security cameras continuously monitor the players and their cards. That is why you must keep the cards on the table at all times. Avoid keeping it down or on your table. It helps in preventing the chance of manipulation or cheating.

  • Signal Your Decisions

Depending on your Blackjack card value, you are to decide whether to hit or stand. However, in Blackjack, you are not allowed to say it out loud. Instead, you just need to signal your decisions to the dealer. It ensures that your decisions are effectively captured on the security cameras. Therefore, you need to be well aware of the hand gestures that indicate different moves. Even if you are new to the game, do not worry, the dealers can help you understand and show the intended signal. You can also watch other players showing the different symbols and learn from them. 

Waving your hand towards yourself will indicate that you want to hit. On the other hand, waving your hands horizontally over your cards shows that you do not want to hit. To double down, you need to place extra chips next to the initial bet. 

  • Don’t Touch the Face Up Cards

In the Blackjack game, where four or more card decks are used, the cards are usually dealt up. Avoid touching such cards. As there is no need to handle or leave the cards, you can simply leave them. Only the dealer can alter or remove the cards and the chips.

  • Tip the Dealer

Whether you win or lose in the Blackjack tournaments, make sure to tip the dealer. Doing so is customary. However, make sure not to hand any money to the dealer. Instead, place the money or chips on the table for the dealer. Be clear that the money you leave is for tipping purposes.

  • Take the Advice of Dealers

A Blackjack dealer can help in improving your overall gameplay and enable you to have more fun. So, if you have any queries or questions, you can simply ask the dealers. Taking advice from the dealer is perfectly fine in the game of Blackjack.

  • Leverage Basic Strategies

Using the basic strategies can help in improving your Blackjack odds. Moreover, they can even lower the house edge. So, try to memorize the basic strategies and enhance your gameplay.


Blackjack is an interesting casino game that players love to engage in. Understanding these Blackjack etiquette rules can enhance your experience even more. Check the Blackjack chart, select the online casino UK, understand the etiquette rules, and improve your Blackjack odds. With a complete understanding of the rules and strategies, you are sure to have a great time playing the card game.