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Fixed-odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs): Gaming scene, RTP and winnings

Fixed-odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs): Gaming scene, RTP and winnings

An FOBT is a very common thing in the UK gambling scene. Fixed-odds betting terminals are exclusive to the UK gambling scene. You can visit the nearest betting shop to find these games. They represent the gambling culture of the UK. Once a player enters the casino or a shop, he is going to find four fixed odd terminals as per the country’s gambling laws. They may look similar to the slot machines yet they are slightly different than the average slot machine. Players normally will not face any issues finding the open machines at the shops except peak hours. There are betting centres in every UK city. The player has full freedom to visit the next shop if he does not find a suitable game. These terminals provide similar games to that of casinos, however, there are some stark differences between these two. 

The Popularity of FOBT’s

One of the main reasons why FOBT’s have garnered a huge fan following is that players find them more accessible and convenient than traditional casinos. Betting shops can be found in each city and the street corners of the UK. Traditional casinos are located in certain designated areas and come across as expensive for most players. Unlike online gambling sites, FOBT cannot be accessed on smartphones, tablets, desktops, etc. People can play online games from the comfort of their homes but they have to walk to search for a betting shop. Betting shops provide a greater degree of socialisation which is completely missing from the online games. In the former, players can chat with other players and people. They may not be able to form genuine friendships but they can enjoy the company of fellow players. There was a time when the players could risk spending an amount of £100 on these machines. 

But the recent gambling laws have reduced the bet sizes. The gamblers now bet up to £ 2 which they consider it to be low stakes. Online games like Poker and Blackjack offer £500 and £100 on slot games. FOBT is not the place a player should seek for a huge amount of money. Unlike online casinos which have a habit of offering cash offers and welcome bonuses to the players, betting shops, unfortunately, do not provide such facilities. For the players, the online casinos act as a good source of making money which is not possible in an FOBT. 

Rules of playing at an FOBT

Playing at an FOBT is similar to that of the slot machine. The player has to insert the money into the machine. For eg., he inserts £20 into the slot. Next, he has to decide on the bet size. If he chooses a roulette FOBT, then he can place bets between 10 p and £2. After selecting the bet size, he has to select a specific bet type. In FOBT, roulette and horse racing are two games that provide the players with multiple options of wagers. The player gets an opportunity to choose from the bets available. The player can then start the game. The player has to push the PLAY button and the FOBT will play till the end of the round. After the completion of one round, the player can push the Replay button and play with the same bet or press the Clear button to place fresh bets for the next round. If the player wants to clarify any query, he can seek the help of the information screen. The screen contains information about the game, rules, betting process, etc.

Fixed-odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs): Gaming scene, RTP and winnings

Understanding wagers

Unlike other casino games, the FOBT’s does not allow the players to win huge amounts of money. The player can win an amount up to £500. The laws have reduced stakes to £2 as a precautionary measure to protect the problem gamblers. For eg, in roulette, the player can just win up to £2. In extraordinary circumstances, he can wager the same amount on a single number and get £70 in return. In FOBT, Sports betting and bingo allows the players to win bigger payouts.

Role of RTP at FOBT’s

The FOBT’s provide RTP quite similar to that of slot machines. They offer an RTP of 90% to 95%. Even though they are not something extraordinary in the gaming market, they are still better in terms of what is expected from the slot machines in UK casinos. Roulette and blackjack are the two games that provide the highest payback in the market. In FOBT, European roulette offers the highest RTP up to 97.3% in the market. The Blackjack provides RTP between 98% to 99.5% in the market. It is imperative for the players to take the help of the information screen and learn about the payout percentage for each game. 


FOBT’s are not rocket science as they are easy to learn. The players can take the help of the information screen to get more acquainted with the game. If the player has played with slot machines before, he can play and have fun at FOBT’s as well. If not, he may face certain difficulties. These shops can be easily found across the UK. They are located in every street in the UK. However, the player cannot win huge amounts like before because of strict gambling laws. But he can still play to have fun and entertainment.

The UK is one of the largest gambling markets across the world. The FOBT’s contribute around 1.8 billion pounds to this industry. But due to the £2 cap, many betting shops have taken a serious hit as the new law affects their revenue. However, lawmakers think that this new measure can reduce the dependency on FOBT’s. There are players who will still bet at lower stakes for the love of gambling. Majority of the players do not take risks of betting over £2. They may find that betting at lower stakes is suitable for their bankroll management. The UK takes the issue of problem gambling seriously. Even though this move can affect the betting shops, in the long run, it can hopefully control the issue of problem gambling in future.