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How to Become a Casino Dealer in a Live Casino?

How to Become a Casino Dealer in a Live Casino?

If you’ve ever been to a land-based gambling venue or played at a live casino, then you’d be knowing that these gambling platforms have human dealers to oversee the gaming action. But have you ever thought about what it takes to be a casino dealer and how it’s like being one?

If yes, then here’s an article that covers everything you need to know about being a dealer at a live casino. Continue reading!

What is a live casino dealer?

Simply put, a live casino dealer is a person who hosts casino games and ensures that they run as per the pre-defined rules. Depending on the specific casino game, the main task of the dealer is to deal cards, accept bets or spin the wheel.

Speaking about the differences between a land-based dealer and live casino dealer, their basic functions are pretty much the same. But live casino games are streamed from a gaming studio, so the dealer don’t have actual players sitting in front of them. Also, live dealers don’t need to worry about handling real chips or money. As with online casino games like online Blackjack, the software handles all transactions-related things in live casino gaming.

Casino dealer training and credentials

As with any other career, becoming a live casino dealer takes work. As for the educational requirements, you don’t need to have a specific degree to become a dealer at a live casino. But you do need to complete some training before being able to deal cards or spin the wheel of Roulette games as a croupier.

If you’re serious about becoming a casino dealer, then you can opt to enroll in casino training courses. These gaming programs usually run for around 12 weeks and cover everything about the casino dealer profession, from playing casino games to learning about casino regulations and laws. After completing these casino courses, candidates receive a certificate that they can showcase to potential employers.

London’s Ace Academy and the Online Live Casino Academy in Malta are some popular casino dealer schools out there. Interestingly, these schools are associated with several live and mobile casino sites. This means that they can directly refer candidates to casinos once students are done with their casino program.

If you’re an experienced casino player and are aspiring to become a dealer, then you may want to approach gambling platforms directly. This is because several casinos and live game providers now offer in-house programs for candidates who meet their working terms.

Live casino dealer job requirements

All live casino gaming providers have some basic requirements in place that their dealers and other employees must satisfy. Here’s a look at some common live casino terms:

  • Must be at least 18 years old or higher
  • Need to pass drug and background checks
  • Must follow the required casino attire
  • Have excellent customer service and team working skills
  • Must be able to work on working holidays and weekends if required
  • The ability to stay focused for a long period of time

Pros and cons of becoming a live casino dealer


Transferrable skills - The skills of a professional live casino dealer are not limited to a single live casino or game provider. With the right skillset and enough experience, you have the chance to work with live casino gaming provider that you’ve always admired.

Job security - Economic recessions usually don’t have any negative impact of the gambling industry. In fact, the casino sector has thrived in face of several economic downturns. As such, working as a live dealer can give you a relatively high level of job security.

Job satisfaction - While good pay and great perks are indeed great, it’s job satisfaction that truly matters at the end of the day. And being a casino dealer can be a great career choice if you’ve always been fascinated by the casino industry and its working.

Tips - While tips in live dealer games aren’t as frequent as their land-based counterparts, you may receive generous tips from time to time.


Night shifts - It goes without saying that the busiest hours at live casinos are during night shift. So, you may need to compromise with your regular sleep schedule when working as a live dealer.

Demanding job - As a card dealer, you’ll need to pay attention to several things simultaneously. While the demanding nature of the job is quite satisfying, it may test your physical and mental endurance at times.


If you’re passionate about casino gaming, then becoming a live casino dealer can be a fantastic career choice. While the live dealer job doesn’t have any specific educational requirements, potential candidates are expected to have adequate number skills and must be able to communicate effectively. Also, some casinos may require candidates to go through a training program before becoming a professional dealer. All in all, getting a live casino dealer job is indeed possible if that’s something you’ve always wanted.