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Popular Roulette Betting Systems That You Need to Know About

Popular Roulette Betting Systems That You Need to Know About

Roulette, being one of the oldest games on the casino floor, has seen different Roulette Systems being used by players to try and win the game. Since these systems are close to being called Roulette Betting Systems, they aim to provide players with a way to move forward and play the classic online casino game.

The Roulette Systems that come out on this front work for all kinds of variants of the game and are quite essential to find progression. Choosing the most popular ones on this front will not only help you immensely but will also provide a path towards exploring the Roulette table and all that the game stands for.

Hence, here are the most popular Roulette Betting Systems that you need to know.

  • The Martingale Betting Strategy 

The Martingale Betting StrategyThe Martingale Betting Strategy leads in terms of popularity, mainly because it is easy and fun to learn. It moves forward with the basic idea that you will eventually win. So each time you lose a hand, the strategy instructs you to double your bet. It stands to follow the same principle even when you are on a losing streak. 

So nothing changes for the Martingale Betting Strategy as it sets out with the belief that you will eventually get what you want. And if you are planning on putting this Roulette System to use, you need to be ready with a good budget. The Martingale Strategy requires you to spend the right amount to win the right amount. 

  • The Reverse Martingale Betting Strategy

The Reverse Martingale Betting StrategyConsidering the drawbacks that emerged from the Martingale Betting Strategy, some players opted for the Reverse Martingale Betting Strategy. It is a hit among players who play online Roulette due to the same reason that it is easy to play. Since the strategy has the word ‘reverse’, you can expect it to slightly change things from the original. 

So instead of doubling your bet when you lose, the Reverse Martingale Betting Strategy wants you to increase it when you win. Thanks to that, the damage that comes from losing will be minimised and the strategy will help you focus on the game. 

While it does sound simple, you need to realise that it has its pros and cons, just like every other Roulette System. So before spinning the Roulette wheel, ensure to pick the strategy that you feel is the better one.

  • The Grand Martingale Betting Strategy 

The Grand Martingale Betting StrategyRoulette Systems can’t seem to be getting enough of the Martingale Betting System because the third popular system is the Grand Martingale Betting Strategy. While it follows a lot that makes the Martingale Betting Strategy, it comes with a few differences. Each time you lose a hand, you need to double your current Roulette bet and also add an extra amount equal to the original bet. 

While it is another strategy that could impact your bankroll, your payout will be larger than you can expect if you do end up winning the game. So once again, you are looking at a Roulette system that brings pros and cons to the mix and helps you look at the same with ease. 

  • The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

The Fibonacci Roulette StrategyThe Fibonacci Roulette Strategy is known to be a safe one for conservative players who often spend their time battling it out at Roulette tournaments. It is solely based on the famous Fibonacci numbers, which are nothing but a sequence of numbers with the first two being the sum of the next number. So if the first number is 2 and the second number is 3, the third one shall be 5.

Bringing this strategy into the Roulette System will need to involve even-number bets and you will have to wait for your first win before going ahead to place a bet with the next number. In this manner, you can proceed forward with the game and understand how it works when you are implementing the famous Fibonacci Roulette Strategy. 

  • The James Bond Betting Strategy

The James Bond Betting StrategyThere are no points to guess why this strategy is famous and why people use it to place Roulette bets. Its name alone is what drives the system forward, although there is more to this Roulette System. The James Bond Betting Strategy works by promoting a player to play each round by multiples of $200 and they will also have to remember three roulette bets

So if the first bet is $140 on numbers between 19-36, the second one should be $50 on numbers 13018 and the third one can be $10 on a single zero. Due to this specific system of betting, the strategy is an ideal fit for players who do not plan on extending their stay at the Roulette table

Hence, if you are a player who wants a strategy that may help them make the most at the Roulette table within a short period, the James Bond Betting System is something that you ought to try. 

  • The Constant Bet Strategy 

The Constant Bet StrategyThe Constant Bet Strategy is specifically made for players who just want to have some fun and learn the classic game of Roulette. Be it American or European Roulette, this strategy brings about a clear picture into the mix when it is employed in full swing. It dictates that you stick with the original bet throughout the game whether you are winning or losing.

So there are double moves or steps coming into the strategy because it is a simple one and anyone playing Roulette for the first time can consider using this method. Even if you consider Roulette to be nothing but a mobile game or if you have no clue about the same, you can look towards using this strategy and explore more of what the game means to you. 

Hence, you have six different strategies to choose from and picking one will surely be of great help in playing the game of Roulette.