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All About Progressive Roulette Systems

All About Progressive Roulette Systems

Roulette has been around for a long time and has successfully found its market of players. We all love playing the game, be it at a live casino or on other platforms that offer the game. While it does come with different risks, roulette players look to move through the same and do everything possible to make it all count.

And one part of making everything count starts with progressive roulette systems which we are going to talk about. These are systems that you need to know about, especially if playing roulette turns you into an excited individual.

What are progressive roulette systems?

There are a lot of myths and doubts about progressive roulette systems, which is why we decided to clear things for good. Progressive roulette systems come into place as a strategy. They try to help players place roulette bets by increasing their wager after every round.

And if they happen to win, the wager will increase again and thus keeps going through a progressive method. Either by doubling or increasing the stake, the process can be followed up and when done accurately and if the player happens to be lucky, they can win.

While the system comes with risks, it is still common and there are also different types of progressive roulette systems in the market. So players have the choice to choose from a long list and explore the ones they believe is right for them.

The common types of roulette systems

When it comes to the common types of roulette systems, there are two systems in place, namely positive and negative roulette systems. They come into place based on what you want out of the game and don’t necessarily get affected by the platform. So be it online roulette or offline roulette, you are free to choose a strategy that works for the game and not where it is offered.

  • Positive progressive systems

Positive progressive systems do the simple task of increasing the stake after every winning round. And once you lose, the stake reduces and players enter a proper system while playing roulette. Since the primary purpose is to help gamblers win, the system wants you to increase the stake and bring about a difference.

And if you are seen to be losing, the system requests you to reduce your stake. Hence, your bankroll will be balanced, although it can be affected to a certain extent.

  • Negative progressive systems

Since negative progressive systems work in the opposite manner, it is a system that wants you to increase your stake when you lose and wants you to reduce your stake when you win. It is a strategy that you will find at a roulette tournament because these platforms bring in different kinds of players.

Since it involves increasing the wager, you can get a fair idea of how your bankroll will be affected. So if you were to choose a negative progressive system, you should also be willing to spend a lot of money and be ready to face the risks. One of the biggest examples of a negative progressive system is the Fibonacci system.

Popular roulette systems

It's time to get to the main part where we talk about different roulette systems. And on this front, you need to know that there are a lot of systems and thus, a lot for you to choose from. However, we will be naming the most famous ones and thus you shouldn’t be expecting a lot.

  • Martingale System

There’s no matching the Martingale system because it is one of the most popular ones that people are after. Everyone wants to know about it or either implement it while playing all kinds of Roulettes, including 3d Roulette.

Since the Martingale system is a negative progressive system, it talks about doubling your stake each time you lose and increasing it when you win. By reducing it, you will be taking the stake to your base amount and can only increase it when you win again.

  • Fibonacci System

We have the Fibonacci systems thanks to famous Italian mathematician Leonardo Pisano Bigollo. The system works in a different manner and is another famous negative progressive system.

It involves betting on specific numbers where each number to follow will be equal to the sum of the two numbers before it. So if we are talking about two numbers, be it 1 and 2, the number to follow will be 3.

So you will have to place bets in this order and by doing so, you will fit into the system.

  • Paroli Progressive System

The Paroli progressive system is a positive one and thus, it involves increasing your stake when you win and reducing it when you lose. As a famous system, it attracts people mainly due to its low-risk method of playing and players look forward to the same.

The impact that it creates on your bankroll is quite different and thus by exploring it, you will get a complete idea of what the system is and how it goes about being different when compared to negative progressive systems.

  • Oscar’s Grind

Increasing your stake by one base unit after winning and retaining the same amount for the stake when you lose is how Oscar’s Grind functions. It is a classic positive progressive betting system and people use it around online casinos UK or other such platforms.

While it does have risks of its own, it is preferred for being a positive betting system and thus people love to explore it. So if you are considering it, you need to do so only after understanding it and exploring what it has to offer.


There are a lot of progressive systems out there and thus there is a lot to talk about when it comes to progressive roulette systems. But for now, these are the man points and we hope you have got it all.