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A Beginner's Guide to Roulette Etiquette

A Beginner's Guide to Roulette Etiquette

The glitz, glamour and iconic nature of Roulette make it a popular choice for hundreds of thousands of casino players worldwide. Whether you play Roulette games online or at a land-based gambling venue, there are certain “unspoken” rules that casinos except their players to conform to. And these rules are referred to as Roulette etiquette.

In this article, we detail the common Roulette etiquette rules for land-based and UK online casino players. Following these etiquette rules means both you and other Roulette players at the table will have an enjoyable and entertaining Roulette gaming experience. Read on!

Joining a table

One of the major distinctions between Roulette and other casino titles is that Roulette players receive their own set of Roulette chips. This helps the dealer in distinguishing between the chips of any two Roulette players at the table. If you arrive at a Roulette table in the middle of a spin or when the dealer is accepting wagers, you must wait for the dealer to get free. Once the dealer notices that you want to buy in, they’ll ask you what you want your chip denomination to be.

In some land-based and online Roulette games, the minimum table limit can be as low as £1. On the other hand, VIP and high roller Roulette tables may require you to wager dozens or even hundreds of pounds. So, make sure to look for an indication of wagering limits before handing over your chips to the dealer. If you’re unable to find the table limits, you can always turn to the dealer for help.

Placing bets

As a Roulette player, you need to place your wagers after the dealer has settled the bets for the previous round and before the initiation of the next spin. When playing at a land-based Roulette table, the dealer will announce “no more wagers” before putting the Roulette wheel into spin mode. At this point, touching your Roulette chips isn’t accepted.

For novice players who’re unsure about placing their wagers or need additional information about specific payouts and Roulette odds, we suggest you ask the dealer for advice. The dealer will be more than happy to help you in such instances. Also, make sure you don’t touch the other player’s chips in any way. This is because handling other players’ chips can be seen as an act of cheating by the dealer.

Finally, it’s important for you to only take your chips after the dealer has settled all bets and moved the chips towards you.

Tipping the dealer

For the unversed, Roulette dealers are usually allowed to accept tips for players. While tipping the dealer isn’t strictly required, you may want to offer a tip if you’ve won a decent amount or if you’ve been at the Roulette table for a while.

The exact tipping amount will be entirely up to you. To give you an idea, many players consider tipping up to 5% of the total amount they’ve won. When tipping the dealer, there are two different ways you can go with. You can offer them a direct tip by sliding your chips towards them and saying “Thank you”.

The other tipping option at your disposal is to place a wager for the dealer. Here, all you need to do is place a wager and make a statement that the bet is for the dealer.

What about playing Roulette games online?

Choosing to play Progressive Roulette and other Roulette titles online also has its own set of specifics. First, as online Roulette games are RNG-based Roulette titles, players will hardly make any mistakes in terms of etiquette. For example, online Roulette games don’t require players to handle physical chips. As such, players won’t be breaking any rules by touching their chips in the middle of the gameplay. Another thing about online Roulette titles is that they’re quite strict in terms of placing wagers. After hitting the spin button, the game won’t allow you to place any bets on the betting layout.

These days, almost all online gambling venues offer their players the chance to play live dealer Roulette titles. When playing live dealer Roulette games, players can interact with the dealer and other fellow players via the live chat feature. As a player, you must limit your live chat conversations to things like gameplay rules and popular Roulette strategy. Also, be sure to go through the casino’s guidelines for using the live chat feature.